Do you have Acromegaly?


The following is a checklist of symptoms created by one of the major prescription companies.

Acral symptoms affect the face and extremities.  These symptoms include:
___ A change in the face                                 ___ Protruding jaw                            ___ Prominent forehead
___ Wide bridge of the nose                            ___ Widely spaced teeth                   ___ Enlarged lips
___ Enlarged hands or feet, often requiring a larger ring or shoe size

___  Number of acral symptoms checked

Symptoms suggestive of acromegaly include:
___ Snoring/Sleep Apnea                                ___ Headaches                                ___ Fatigue
___ Joint Pain                                                ___ Excessive Sweating                  ___ Skin Changes (like skin tags)
___ Tingling in arms or legs                            ___ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome             ___ Loss of vision
___ Milk Production   (in men or women)          ___Impotence                                  ___Abnormal menstruation

___  Number of suggestive symptoms checked

Conditions linked with acromegaly include:
___ Diabetes                                            ___ High Blood Pressure                      ___ Colon Polyps

___ Number of associated symptoms checked

Add up the above numbers.  If you or someone you love suffers at least:
-1 acral symptom
-3 or more suggestive symptoms AND
-1 or more of the associated conditions,
print this page and ask your doctor about receiving an IGF-1 test.

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