Surgery might seem frightening, but inaction has other risks...

handAcromegaly will cause visible deformities including changes in bone structure and soft tissue. Ultimately, there will be obvious changes in facial appearance (under or overbite, nose, forehead) and enlargement of the hands and feet. If the tumor starts to release excess growth hormone during adolescence or before, a person may also exhibit symptoms of gigantism. You may also suffer sleep apnea, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Because of the serious changes, treatment is essential!


Acromegaly symptoms may include:  

•Enlarged forehead
•Pronounced under- or overbite
(even if you have already used a course of orthodontia)
•Severe mood swings
•Carpal tunnel syndrome
•Oily skin and excessive sweating
•Skin tags
•Tiredness and fatigue (to the point of uncontrolled sleeping)
•Impotence and loss of libido
•Interrupted menstrual cycle
•False lactation (in men or women)
•Sleep apnea
•Altered vision
•Headaches (up to and including migraines)
•Colon polyps and colon cancer
•Barrel Chest

More dangerous potential side effects:

•Potential for tumors to break off and mutate into cancerous tumors
•Heart disease and heart enlargement

Chart for Gauging Your IGF-1



Physical Issues of Acromegaly